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Dedicated. Passionate. Service-oriented. Goal digger. Persistent. Trustworthy. Versatile.

I am Gladys Lauren, who strives to develop lasting client relationships by scaling their business growth by providing them with a high-quality website & funnel design that stands out and converts.

My experiences as an Industrial Engineer & Virtual Assistant for a few years helped me gain the clarity to pursue website & funnel design. Throughout my career journey, I have helped numerous business owners and coaches in projects like:

Throughout my experiences, I’ve realized I can do more to help my clients if I focus on what I want and love to do. All I want is for my clients to have high-quality sites & designs that will help them achieve their goals, whether build a global online presence, attract and gain new leads, or even convert them into sales.

Whatever desire or goals you are aiming for in your business, my purpose is to serve you with gladness while providing the best quality of service.

“Stop thinking about what you can’t do, and
start doing what you want to do.”

Where is The Gladys Lauren comes from?

The Gladys Lauren Website Designer

The Gladys Lauren
has an essential place in my heart.

Growing up, I can’t deny that I’ve been fond of digital presence. I have always loved showing up & connecting to my audience since the beginning of the social media world.

I still remember how I post and connect daily with my friends. I only had my Nokia phone at that time when I learned & started editing my photos and graphics and even uploading videos online. (But I archived everything! Let’s connect if you want to hear more, lol).

Though I have a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering, it never hindered me from pursuing what I love to do. I stepped out of my comfort zone, followed His path for me, and chose to be different from others so that I could serve my purpose.

Those little things I’ve done before significantly impacted where I am right now.


The Gladys Lauren is where my social media presence began, and it’s where I found my brand and unique self.

It’s my identity that no one can copy, and I want to deliver and serve the purpose I have to all people I can reach.

How Can I Make a Difference?

Mission and Vision

Serving with Gladness

Serving with Gladness

Good Quality

I focused on giving the best quality work possible. I invested my time into improving my design skills to make sure we create quality sites and pages that will convert visitors into customers.

Serving with Gladness

Lead & Growth

I am always open to new opportunities and challenges, and I take advantage of the opportunities to learn and grow. By personal development and continuous improvement, I can lead myself to new opportunities when they arise.

Serving with Gladness

Adaptable & Flexible

The one thing that I have been able to do is to make myself into whatever I wanted to be. I’ve been able to take on different roles and personalities as necessary throughout my life. I am flexible in my approach to things and will listen to others' suggestions. I will always try to achieve the best possible outcome.

Serving with Gladness


I am driven. I have a strong desire to help others and I’ll go above and beyond. I believe the best way to help my clients is by doing what’s best for them.

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